Conservatorship of the Person or Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care

  • Chronic medical issues and end of life issues
  • Dealing with Doctors' offices and coordination of care
  • Living arrangements and ongoing care monitoring
  • Ongoing advocacy on behalf of client insurance matters, obtaining benefits, reviewing policies, applying and follow through on claims
  • Contact with family members
  • Setting up services such as transport, mobile medical, home bound services

Trustee (and Conservatorship of Estate)

  • Knowledge of laws and administering trusts according to best practice
  • Preparing court accountings
  • Property management, dealing with tenants, tenant law
  • Dealing with beneficiaries, making distributions, loans, bequests
  • Special Needs Trusts (SNT's) - SNT's are designed to protect public benefits while providing for special needs of minors, the developmentally disabled and mentally ill

Conservatorship of the Estate

  • Locate and take control of assets
  • Opening bank, brokerage and other investment accounts, and managing investments
  • Accessing safe deposit boxes, adding names or removing names
  • Public Medi-Cal, Medicare, SSA, failed pensions, frozen benefits
  • Dealing with judgments and creditors
  • Investments - understanding the Uniform Prudent Investor Act or the Prudent Income and Principal Act Guardianships or Limited Conservatorships
  • Care for property or minor or a developmentally disabled person

Estate Administration

Court Accounting

Forensic Accounting