I am grateful for the compassion and professionalism you showed throughout my uncle’s decline. Your careful management of his affairs and your personal attention to his welfare lifted a great burden from me. --  Michael S.

Thank you for determining and meeting my sister's personal, financial and health needs.  Her circumstances have improved greatly.  Our family is very appreciative of your services on her behalf. -- Cheryl P.

In the matter that I was involved in, Mr. Cohen performed his fiduciary duties with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Additionally, he displayed genuine interest and creativity. -- Roy K

Herb Cohen was one of several people providing fiduciary services recommended to me. After the initial interview with the other people involved in my uncle's trust, we chose Herb. I have found him to be both trustworthy and efficient in his duties as Successor Trustee to my uncle's trust. I would recommend Herb to anyone for his fiduciary services. -- Jon B

It has now been one year since you were hired to take over the affairs of my brother. You certainly deserve an A+ for the job you have done for me in getting him situated at Heritage Point, fixing the condo and getting his daughter into the condo and on the right path to having a normal life. My family is forever grateful to you for the super job you have done. You have taken a tremendous burden off my shoulders. The checkbook is yours as you have our utmost trust. -- Henry W

I personally want to thank you, Herb, for helping my mother and me during such a sensitive time. Even when my mother's Alzheimer's was advanced and she no longer recognized anyone, you continued to visit and stay in constant contact with me (my mother's Conservator of Person). You know your job and are able to perform it to the highest standards .-- Melanie B

Herb is very thorough and patient with his clients and a good communicator with me as a co-conservator. -- Marilyn H

Mr. Herb Cohen aided me in several aspects relative to my retrieval of funds from my insurance company when I was a patient in Freedom Village. -- Florence B

Herb Cohen has acted as the Successor Trustee to my late father's Trust since the beginning of this year. During that time, I have grown to respect him for his high level of knowledge, professionalism and integrity in his capacity as such. Herb would bean asset to any family seeking such a fiduciary function. I highly recommend him. -- Bob H.

I would like to say thanks for the years of assisting with my late Aunt's affairs. It was a difficult situation for me living in Canada and attend to her ever changing needs from a distance. -- Dave E.

I highly recommend Herb and his company for professional fiduciary services. We have worked with him for a number of years and on several cases. Herb has always done a superb job. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, ethical and responsive. We think of Herb when a Professional Trustee is needed or required. -- Jeffrey Matsen, Partner, Bohm, Matsen, Kegel & Aguilera LLP and Principal and Founder of Wealth Strategies Council

Herb has stepped into a very tense situation among family members with extreme grace and professionalism. He truly understands his fiduciary duty to all, while having a strong sense of good business operations and practices. -- Dave H.

Herb Cohen has been the Successor Trustee to our family estate and, throughout, has proven dependable, sincere and above all, fair to all concerned. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of Trust management without hesitation. -- Dr. Morley G.

Michael - I want to thank you so much for all you are doing for our family during these difficult times. Thank you for treating our mother with such kindness and professionalism. -- LaDonna H.

Herb Cohen is very efficient and successfully managed to promptly liquidate all real estate assets of a trust in a very timely manner. This allowed for a prompt distribution. -- Gary G.